ipad cometh

After three months of  media hype, the iPad is finally here….yay? Before I start ranting, I must let everyone know that I don’t have an iPad and I haven’t used one. That being said, I know how to read and I know what the iPad can do.

Three months ago, everyone was so excited to learn what this new secret product was going to be from Apple. When the iPad was finally revealed, i was all excited…for about 5 seconds. It’s was the same feeling I get when I’m watching a NY Ranger game and Marian Gaborik has the puck on a straight away and totally misses the net. Not to mention that the name sounds like something my wife would use once a month. I  thought the idea was amazing; but then Steve Jobs started talking and it became very apparent that this was nothing more than a glorified iPhone. I’ll put it to you like this, Do you remember back in the day when (after the success of batman returns) Batman forever was announced and everyone was all excited? but Then we found out that Val Kilmer was replacing Michael Keaton in a stylized Batman suit with nipples and the crapfest of Batman Forever was born. That’s how I feel about the iPad!

If you’re getting this product for the Apps, great! That seems to be one of the main uses. But don’t try to use your iPhone Apps. Upscaling iPhone Apps causes them to look clunky and pixellated. At the moment their’s not many iPad Apps out there that are exciting. If you’re getting this product for its e-reader capabilities, well then you must not know that you can find cheaper e-reader like The Nook or The Kindle. Do you like playing flash games and are some of your favorite websites in flash?! Well then you can’t view them on the iPad. This product is very limited in its web browsing by not using flash and that makes me want to punch the iPad in the face.

Over all, I give Apple points for revolutionizing something. The iPad IS selling but it’s not selling out just yet. We know Mac enthusiasts are going to scream over this product. Judging by the way Apple does things, in 3 or 4 years time, iPad will have so many new features and capabilities that it just may make me eat my words but for now, it’s the iPhone on steroids.