Attack of the Hurds

   Hey  there! I spend most of my time working in NYC and I�¦¥uro;��¢ve performed most of my shows in NYC. It has occurred to me that at some point in pop culture it became cool to be a nerd. I have no problem with that because as hard as it may be to believe. I myself am a HUGE nerd. I’m a comic book reading, wrestling watching, Ghost Hunters loven, writing and drawings HUUUGE NERD. In resent times, there has been some kind of hybrid created in the city life. The new “fad” is to be a “HERD” (yup…I�¦¥uro;��¢m trade marking that word) this transformer like hybrid is NOT so cool. It comes in the form of a nerd look with some hippie flare. So break out your nerd glasses, some flip flops, and all of the organic clothing you could gather and walk your little ass over to a coffee shop (Not Starbuck you idiot! That’s waaay to commercial for Herds)If you would like to spot a HERD, don’t bother looking in best buy or virgin records, your best bet is a no name music store with shelves hanging by a thread. Now, I say these things with great caution because I don’t want to be misunderstood. I RESPECT the artsy crowd that works hard to have a reason to be able to sport the ol HURD look. You were raised with free spirit parents and now you�¦¥uro;��¢re enjoying a new job at a graphic design company or you just got into college…I GET IT!! But don’t have a sudden epiphany that this style looks awesome and you need to go get you some organic clothing while driving your SUV and tossing your empty supersized cup from Burger King out the window. A city that breeds originality needs to keep that intact. Don’t just fallow the masses. I think I’m going to go make a hamburger meat outfit and go jogging in Central Park…See ya later.

Keep it funny-Stilly