Andrew Lincoln Starring in Walking Dead

AMC has officially announced that it has signed Andrew Lincoln for the lead role as officer Rick Grimes in the network’s adaptation of the wildly popular comic book series, The Walking Dead. This announcement comes shortly after the news that actor, Jon Bernthal will play the role Shane; who is Rick’s best friend and former partner on the police force. The story follows a group of survivors as they try to live life after a zombie invasion has decimated everything and everyone.                          I for one can’t wait to see how this show turns out. I am I huge fan of the series and I hope it remains faithful to the books. I know that the series has been given the greenlight for six episodes. Robert Kirkman (author of The Walking Dead) writes this series with more of a heart filled human nature approach. This is not your run of the mill splatter house graphic novel. This is a story of emotion. You truly watch the characters go through so much change and you become attached to Rick Grimes along the way. I think the casting is great. Andrew Lincoln looks as if he can play the part well. Let’s just hope this doesn’t take a wrong turn down zombie franchise hell and go all cheesy House of The Dead on us. AMC has a good opportunity to make something great and bring drama to horror.