Steve Rogers Reborn?

It’s hump day! For all of us nerds out there, we know Wednesdays as New Comic Book Day!! As I entered my local comic shop in Smith Towns called, Fourth World Comics, I picked up the latest Marvel Previews magazine. The first thing I saw when I opened the cover page was an advertisement for a new book called, (spoiler) Steve Rogers: Super Soldier!!  After giving up the mantle of Captain America to his former side-kick, Bucky Barns, many comic book fans have wondered what the fate of Cap Version 1.0 would be. I can now tell you that this art work is visual proof that Steve Rogers is back in a major way. The Book will probably ship some time this summer but I’m excited to buy it because it’s in good hands. The book will be written by comic book heavy hitter, Ed Brubaker. For those who live under a rock,  Ed Brubaker  was responsible for the death and resurrection of Captain America. He is also the man who gave Bucky Barns( a.k.a, The Winter Soldier a.k.a. The New Captain America) a main event spot amongst the other top super heroes.  The art is done by Dale Eaglesham. He has recently done some amazing art work for the Fantastic Four.

Over all, I’m really excited about this book and to see what the future holds for this new incarnation of Steve Rogers. What other books will we see him in? Could he be leading an entirely new team of Avengers? (wink, wink) We’ll find out soon.