Kan Jam! The new Beer Pong?

Get ready for good weather and BBQ’s with your friends getting so drunk they wake up naked in your shed hugging your mom’s photo. So break-out the beer pong table and your favorite beer. OR…you can put it aside for just a little bit and try thins game that’s sweeping drunken campuses across the nation.

It’s a game called Kan Jam. The best way to describe how to play this crazy game is for you to just go to this link http://www.kanjam.com/Game/HowToPlay.aspx Me and my friends play this whenever we’re all together drinking and having fun in someone’s backyard. Don’t get me wrong, THIS IS NOT A DRINKING GAME! It just gets more fun as you drink if you ask me. This game is really hard to find. When I was first told about this game, I was coming home from doing a comedy show and my friend spoke of an epic game that needed to be played. So I then went on my quest to find this Kan Jam. I went on a gurney so epic, I even came across a golem. Or I was already drunk before playing it. Either way, I checked all the sporting goods stores in my area and nobody had it or they were totally sold-out. I then went to the website ( http://www.kanjam.com/ ) and I had that beast delivered to my house. With in a couple of day, I was jamming my own kan.(that sounded so wrong) When you look around the website, you’ll find that the Kan Jam community is HUGE. They sell t-shirts, they have street teams, they have a national league, and they have a store where you can buy various colored Frisbee that fit your personality.  SO GO GET SOME!