Split/Second takes on Blur

Crack open your piggy bank and count you cheddar. This May promises to be a big month for video game releases. Two big names taking the main stage are Lost planet 2 and Red Dead Revolver. But not to be out done, The racing genre has had some steroids and a dose of adrenaline pumped into it that re-invigorates racing games in a way we’ve never seen. Both games are done my different studios and involve demolishing your opponents in both single player and multi-player. It may seem that these games are similar but they are both VERY DIFFERENT.

BLUR is a heavily combat oriented game that takes real cars and gives them kick-ass weapons that create sonic booms, plasma blasts and shields that send your opponents into racing heaven. I’ll be so bold as to describe it as Super Mario Cart on some kind of illegal substance. This game was created  by Bizarre and they really made the attacks look colorful and damaging in a way that can only be described as beautiful chaos. You can play the beta now on x-box 360. The game hits stores on 5/28

Split/Second is a game that uses a very detailed physics engine that focuses on destroying your opponents by controlling the environment around you.  You can destroy plains, gas station, trains, and bridges. You do this by gaining “power plays” The detail in the destruction to both the environment and the car wrecks are beautiful. The camera angles and the in-game play is extremely detailed and gritty. The demo should be available very soon. The game hits stores on 5/18

If you ask me, I’m looking forward to both games but If I had to buy one, it would be Split/Second. I haven’t played either so i’m just going on reviews and what I’ve seen so far.What can I say, I’m a sucker for beautiful graphics and destructible environments. The game play looks a bit better than Blur and the attacks seem more realistic. I hope everyone plays both of these games and forms their own opinions.