Top 6 Horror Movies

Happy Halloween!! I like to consider myself a horror specialist. I only enjoy the highest quality horror film. And high quality doesn’t mean a big budget Michael Bay remake with girls from a CW show running with a wet t-shirt. Great horror movie don’t have to cost much at all. All they need is the ability to make you check the back seat of your car before you leave to go out at night. So that being said, I’ve put together a little top 6 list of great horror movies for you to watch this week as you prepare for the 31st. Enjoy!

6. The Blair Witch Project

This film is arguably the greatest low budget horror movie of all time. It didn’t rely on CG monster or CG ghostly effect, and no gory effect need. This movie captivated viewers with it’s marketing ploy that this was a REAL story. Audiences were scared by what you didn’t see in this suspenseful horror great.

5. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original)

This movie really captures a raw fear with eerie music and scary characters that put the audience in the middle of nowhere with these terrorized teens. This movie has a reputation for being very gory but truth be told, there’s pretty much NO gor in the film. That’s how good it is at terrorizng your mind into fearing the unseen.

4. Splinter

Here’s where the gore picks up! This movie puts a unique twist on diseased zombie movies. It feels like an homage to The Thing but it is in no way a copy cat. It also has one of the most eye popping mutilation scenes in horror history.

3. The Strangers

This movie will truly scare you into being afraid of your own house. This film utilizes sound and visual paranoia to make viewers uneasy. It successfully scared the CRAP out of me!

2. Trick r’ Treat

Not since the John Carpenter classic, Halloween; has a movie come along and really capture the essence of scary halloween themed movies. This anthology will take you on a rollercoaster ride of horrors with some enjoyable over the top stories and memorable characters. I didn’t find this movie scary but WOW did it quickly become one of my favorite horror films of all time. The child like pumpkin kid is truly the next iconic underdog slasher.

1. Halloween

The all time greatest horror film in my opinion is Halloween. This low budget film took a William Shatner mask and turned it into one of the most iconic horror slashers to date. Carpenter really strikes fear into the audience by coming up with a film score that is still creepy today. The scares are simple but extremely effective and this horror slasher’s origin story is truly good and not just a hack and slasher.