Saw it on the great Vine…ha….see what I did there 

Sup People…It’s been a long time coming but I’m here to make you want to read more silly blog antics from yours truely. I just want to give a HUGE shout out to the people who have continued to come here and leave awesome comments even when I haven’t been using my blog.Thank you. But now, I’m here to hit you harder than that football player that likes hitting girls….wait that is probably tasteless…ANYWAYS..let’s get started! Sit back, grab a cold one (hopefully pumpkin ale because it is that time of year) and take your hand out of your pants because I’m always watching you and we don’t have a relationship like that…yet 😉

So today I want to say how much fun Vine is. If you don’t know about it, then I’ll call someone to help you get out from under that rock you’ve been stuck under.It’s a social media site that gives the user a short 8 seconds to post a video ranging from funny to artistic. It’s a place where everyone can have their own show and attract followers. Some have even gotten tv deals and gained over 1 million followers. I like to use vine for laughs. I had an account a long time ago but I deleted it because the amount of spam followers were enough to fill a room of walking dead zombie extras (Walking Dead blog coming soon) But now, I’m hoping that Vine has corrected this mistake and has enough Vine security to make Edward Snowden scared to hack it. If you guys want to look me up, I’m on Vine under the name, DudeGuy ManBro (I know….how original..your mind is blown) Some great people to follow are below. So go check it out and make yourself famous!

  • The Gabbie Show
  • Jessi Smiles
  • Jason Nash
  • Vincent Marcus
  • DudeGuy ManBro
  • Sunny Mabrey