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    RUN!! It’s Godzilla…again! 

    Back in 1998, Roland Emmerich was riding high on the wave of his ID4 movie success and was anticipating the release of his follow-up Americanized take on Godzilla. Despite the studio’s Cloverfield like marketing campagne, the movie wasn’t well received by critics or audiences. Now America is at it again. Back in March, Legendary Pictures made an announcement that they will be bringing a new Godzilla Film to America. (without Rolland Emmerich) Sucks, there goes that ID4 vs. Godzilla movie we’ve all been hoping for. Well all has been silent about the film but this week, twitchfilm.net has what looks to be an early concept design of what the green giant may look like. According to twitchfilm.net, the pics were originally posted on flikr by a user who had been told by a “friend in the movie biz” that this was a design they were looking at. Another recent update comes from, Blood Disgusting and they confirm that the design is NOT official. Could this just be an artist going, “OOOOH OOOOH LOOK WHAT I MADE!!” You can click this link to check out more on the article, http://twitchfilm.net/news/2010/05/is-this-how-godzilla-will-look-in-the-us-reboot.php

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    J.J. Abrams Top Secret Trailer Included with Iron Man 2 

    Can’t wait to see Iron Man 2? Well make sure you get there early enough to see the trailers. J.J. Abrams is at it again. Remember when J.J. Abrams first top-secret project debuted with a cryptic trailer that was seen in front of Transformers? Well it seems that another secretive monster movie project is being delivered to theaters. Reportedly, this super 8 trailer is said to be so top-secret that not even the theater is allowed to open it until the midnight showing of Iron man 2. Details about the film canister it arrives in are said to be that the protectionist will have to use a combination to open the locked canister.  The rumor mill around the net is that this will be a sequel to Cloverfield. According to Latino Review’s insiders, The trailer depicts a bunch of kids shooting a movie with a super 8 camera in the 70’s / 80’s. After getting the film developed, they notice that there is an alien type creature in one of the frames. This speculation of an alien race is what’s making people jump up and scream CLOVERFIELD 2!!

    An update via Latino Review from Vulture, actually got a word with J.J. Abrams and you can check out that update here,  http://www.latinoreview.com/news/details-on-abram-s-super-duper-secret-trailer-showing-in-front-of-iron-man-2-9899

    According to J.J., This is NOT a sequel to Cloverfield but it definitely will be another monster movie. Let’s hope J.J. doesn’t go all cheesy 50’s monster movie in 3D on us. I personally thought that Cloverfield was a great movie. The marketing behind it was GENIUS. In an age where people get all of that insider film info off of the internet, people were actually surprised again. It was a fresh feeling. Hopefully, J.J. Abrams will pull another one off again. Stay Tuned!

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    3D or not 3D? That is the question. 

    So I recently went to the movies to see Clash of the Titans. I was very on the fence about seeing it in 3D. I know that the movie was shot without the intent to release it in 3D but in the end I guess the studio said, Hey! all the cool kids are doing it! So they went ahead and converted to 3D format. Knowing that I wasn’t going to see anything eye-popping in three dimensional format. I STILL went with the 3D. I can honestly say, I wish I just would have seen it in standard format. Don’t get me wrong! Clash of the Titans was a great popcorn movie. I enjoyed it just as much as the original oh and SPOILER…(the owl makes a cameo) but there was nothing that the 3D did that caught my attention like Avatar did. To me, it was a quick way to get more money out of people by making the 3D version because ticket prices for these movies or more $ than a standard screening. My spidey sense was tingling about this but they got me; hook like and sinker.

    This popular trend has officially divided my feelings on what I think of 3D movies. On one hand, you have so many movies slated to come out in 3D that may be big budget popcorn movies but they really don’t concentrate on bringing that visual flair that 3D is supposed to bring the viewer. People need to be more aware of that because then it’s just the film industry ripping off the consumer. Unless you enjoy that kind of thing! If you actually paid to see Final Destination in 3D then you probably think I’m crazy.

    On the other hand you have these visually stimulating movies being shot in IMAX 3D that are bringing film making to another level. Movies like Avatar and Iron Man 2 are concentrating on bringing the viewer into an immersive experience.

    I’ve learned the hard way. I will never have another Clash of the Titans experience again. I’m writing this because I hope more people become aware of this. That being said, let’s have fun with 3D! Lets push the limits in what it can do. If more people keep making My Bloody Valentine 3D..it’s just going to become a cheap parlor trick that will end-up as a bad joke on a VH1 special when they talk about our decade.


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